Friday, February 27, 2009

Socially Conscious Swimwear: the Bantu Line

The women behind Ladies Lotto LA & Lovemade are working with Bantu, an African-based swimwear line that recently had its debut in Los Angeles. Rather than soliciting direct donations to help Africa, Bantu stimulates the local economy in a sustainable way by locating their complete manufacturing line in Ethiopia, and possibly in more countries in the future. Bantu (the Senegalese word for "gateway") is the Western gateway to the little-known beach culture and lifestyle of the 26 coastal countries in Africa. Top-of-the-line fashions are a hybrid of contemporary design and the centuries-old textile industry in West Africa.
"The juxtaposition of colors and patterns reflects the weaver’s identity, character, and beliefs. For instance, magenta is for “good health through the hybrid of red and blue, which is both stimulating and calming,” [the line's founder] Eklund says, and orange is for “energy and inspiration vitalized by the fiery clash between yellow and red.” " -
Please support this hot brand with a big mission by going to Barney's at either 9570 Wilshire Blvd in LA, or at 660 Madison Ave in NYC. See more at

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