Thursday, February 26, 2009

10-year-old Graffiti Artist

Age 7, Solvieg likes to watch graffiti artists at work in her hometown Brighton UK. Age 8, she asks her dad for some spray cans and produces totally unadulterated, happy artwork. Age 9, she gets noticed by Graphotism Magazine. On her flickr profile she says, "Watch out for me. I am 10. I am female." Should I send her a Ladies Lotto application?

Solvieg tattooed this guy's leg when she was 10. (Admittedly, at 10 I was pretty unaccomplished.)

"I wanted to paint an elephant character so i did." (A rule to live by?)

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I've been seeing more of this lately, kids of graff writers/tattooists jumping in sooner than the generation that found it on their own.