Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ladies Lotto - Los Angeles November Meeting

Even though our guest speaker failed to materialize the latest meeting was still a solid success since it gave the attending ladies time for a real group discussion instead of just brief socializing snatched before and after the customary guest speaker.

At this meeting each lady was able to tell where she was in her life and if she knew where she wanted to be heading. Even those unsure of their immediate direction were able to say that they currently experienced themselves in a positive and healthy place. Not to make it sound like a Kumbaya moment, but it was touching to hear the intimate feelings and experiences of so many that had never, until that evening, been widely shared. And yes, this LL-LA meeting had some definite waterworks. The LA ladies sure know how to have a good time!

Our meeting was held at "Canvas Los Angeles" which is dedicated to showcasing the best and brightest art from within the global tattoo community. With a large group of ladies talking, we kinda went overtime. Fortunately the owner was very understanding. He's got a lot of great merchandise. Check out his shop next time you're in the neighborhood.

We were sponsored by Honest Beverages. Their "Honest Ade" is a new line of refreshing organic thirst quenchers. The representative, also a women, was able not only to participate in the discussions but, apparently, to receive some motivational inspiration herself.

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