Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Seattle Gets Honest with Ink

A warm thanks to Jacqueline Beach of Madame Lazonga's Tattoo in Seattle, the only female owned and staffed tattoo studio in the city! She spent the evening with LL Seattle members on her night off.

Upon hearing about our Ladies Lotto Benefit, Madame Lazonga's has generously donated a $200 gift certificate, original Vyvyn Lazonga Print, and t-shirt!

Thanks also goes out to Honest Tea for providing beverages and to Inked for copies of their mag.

Note to LL fashion designers out there... Jacqueline also mentioned that there are so many opportunities for designers to create classier dresses and competition wear for female artists and competitors showcasing their beautiful work while still looking classy.

When you're in Seattle, head down to the Pike Place Market and check out the historic and beautiful Madame Lazonga's and Vyvyn's girls!

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