Saturday, November 1, 2008

Countdown to 11/4 - #4 Your Vote is Your Voice

A few days ago I spoke with a friend who told me his father wasn't voting. When I asked why his father wasn't voting his response was "my dad isn't voting for anyone because neither candidate appeals to him." Also, his father cited the future of Israel as one reason he would not vote for Barack Obama. I found this to be somewhat perplexing and well, pretty prejudiced. So what if Obama was Muslim? He'd still be American; in his post he'd still have to put the country and its international relationships before his religion. How could his highly-educated, physician father make such a statement? Hadn't he read up on the issues and checked the facts?

Later, we got into a heated discussion about why people are voting in this election. Somehow my friend deduced that people who vote find one issue and stick to it. For most, voting is a complex issue; it's more than punching a hole, filling in a dot or flipping a lever based solely on one issue you care about.

I'm voting because:
  • Every woman has the right to govern her own body.
  • Unjust wars should not be fought on the taxpayer's dime; as corporations that deal in death profit off the blood of young men and women.
  • All children deserve an education that is truly equal.
  • Everyone deserves comprehensive health care.
  • The country that spends the most on HIV/AIDS prevention in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and the Third World should have its own official HIV/AIDS agenda.
  • Our retirement accounts and social security must stop be raided by greedy traders and government officials.
  • The only Maverick I care to know was played by Tom Cruise in Top Gun.
Why are you voting?

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