Monday, September 8, 2008

Heist Gallery is proud to present REVERB.

REVERB is an exhibition about the persistence of an experience that reminds us how unmistakably alive we are. Like the absorption of sound by surrounding walls that trap the echo of its source, these photographs capture the result of experience so vivid and real that it becomes an infinite reverb. Reverb amplifies the raw spirit of a good punk song, defining its essential point, turning noise into a justification of its effect. The photographers presented in this exhibition achieve exactly this effect in their depicted images, capturing life as they live it in the impending now that has no before and whose after doesn't matter.

Davi Russo.s work is based on personal experience and the tumultuous turns life throws him. He captures the highs and the lows of this adventure in a fragile, fragmented vision of his reality. Tod Seelie has traveled the U.S. and the world with groups of friends whose creative energy and relentless spirit of adventure drive his raw and powerful images. Both artists stop at nothing to imbibe the energy life gives them, presenting honest and poignant images of moments that resonate in our visual memory.

Complementing their work are music videos by Matthew Bradley. His clever interpretations of songs reflect the immediacy and inspiration that music provides not only for the artist but for every viewer. Music highlights our reality, reminding us about the essential in every moment, capturing the essence of experience and creating reverb, one beat at a time.

REVERB will be on view from September 12 to October 5, 2008.

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