Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ladies Lotto - Los Angeles August 19th Meeting

The Ladies Lotto - Los Angeles August 19th meeting was a vintage buying extravaganza !!!

Our guest speaker Shareen Joy (Designer & Shareen's Vintage Owner) had her warehouse stocked to the brim with great vintage threads - all too hard to pass up. She opened her fabulous collection to the Ladies Lotto guests, so that plenty of us could walk away with real treasures. I spent my hard earned and saved-up cash on many unique pieces. There was also plenty of food and drinks to go around. At the end of the night there was still plenty of food and drink left over to give to Shareen for her employees to enjoy. Now that the atmosphere has been laid out (see slide show), lets get to the heart of the meeting. Shareen Joy was a true inspiration, no exaggeration. She moved the whole crowd, we even witnessed some actual water works. She seemed very open with the various experiences which led her to the life she leads today. After many bumps on the road to self discovery she has finally achieved true contentment. A number of LL guests identified with her. Hopefully these ladies can use her advice to further their place in their communities. Check out her website for store locations -

Our meeting in El Lay's downtown district will be a memorable one. I'm looking forward to shooting the next meeting, I hope to see the LLLA women stylin' in their new Shareen fashions.

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