Thursday, August 7, 2008


B8 Global Justice for Burma is an international affair taking place in Delhi, London, New York and San Francisco on August 8, 2008. B8 hopes to bring attention to the brutal regime of General Than Shwe and to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 8888 massacre. In 1987, the country was thrown into economic turmoil when General Ne Win decided to change the currency based on his astrologer's assertion that "9" was his lucky number. The number was not so lucky for Burmese citizens; many suffered because of this abrupt change in the economic flow. On August 8, 1988 thousands of peaceful protesters including students and monks were slaughtered on the streets of Burma (now Myanmar) as they called for a more stable economy.

alldaybuffet is co-sponsoring an event to bring people -- including the Prime Minister of a government in exile -- together in the spirit of the Olympics, under one banner, to stop the atrocities in Burma. The B8 events will kick off the larger Global Justice for Burma campaign to end impunity for war crimes, torture, and genocide in Burma by calling for the referral of Burma's General Than Shwe and his military regime to the International Criminal Court.

Events will be held in various spaces throughout the world; many will have monks on hand to discuss the situation in Burma.The only requirement is that you wear a bit of scarlet to show your solidarity.

Friday, 8.8.2008
Eli Klein Fine Art
462 West Broadway
7:00 - 10:00 pm

Special New York Details
  • At least 19 Burmese monks will be in attendance
  • Viewing of Ashin Nayaka's video call to justice
  • Surviving members of the 88 student protest will be in attendance

Visit the website, facebook, or going for additional details.
Spread the word, and celebrate that sense of unity with a call for humanity. It's sure to be a most auspicious night.

There's no doubt Ladies Lotto New York members Nikki Bagli, Jerri Chou and the alldaybuffet crew will attain massive amounts of good karma for helping to put together this amazing event!