Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Members of the Month - July 2008

Ladies Lotto New York
Sammantha Harris

Samantha Harris is a journalist with CNN. She showcases her talents as a news assistant and online producer for Jack Cafferty's Cafferty File on CNN's Situation Room. The Cafferty File blog launched just under seven months ago and has received over 11 million views. Samantha also contributes to CNN's Political Ticker, Riottt and Politics As Usual. She is currently working on a story featuring companies who have a negative carbon imprint.

Samantha is a native New Yorker, news enthusiast, election junkie, luxury shoe/ bag aficionado, self proclaimed foodie and world traveler.

Ladies Lotto San Francisco
Allyn Bruty

Allyn was born and raised in Kansas City by hallmark artists. Recruited shortly after
receiving her BA in Illustration from The Art Center College of Design by video games company, Virgin Games. She's worked Sega Genesis Games and Super Nintendo games before moving on to as a 3D (!) artist for PS1, PS2 and the Sims games. Currently Allyn is a Senior Animator at Lucas Arts working on an Xbox 360 Indiana Jones game.

Ladies Lotto Los Angeles
Maria Gonzales

Maria Gonzales was born and bred in the little surf and skate town of Virginia Beach, VA. After college she moved to NY and fell into the world of publicity when interning at Jive Records. From there she moved on to become a publicist at V Entertainment then Roadrunner Records working with a diverse range of rock acts. She moved to Los Angeles and out of publicity to focus on band merchandise with the international company, Bravado. After a run at Bravado she landed at Warner Bros Records where she is now merchandising for an electic mix of artists running the gamut of musical genres.

Here is how her closest friends some her up: anglo-file, feisty, funny, intelligent, loyal, radical, stylish, thoughtful, and wicked (in a good way). Get to know Maria and you will find yourself reminiscing about the 80s and how The Smiths/Morrissey rule her life.