Sunday, June 1, 2008

LL Members of the Month for June!

Monthly, Ladies Lotto will be keeping an eye out for our extraordinary contributing members who deserve to be recognized! For June, we have: Elena Vazintaris, Sunny Merry, Miriam Blier, and Kiernan Fly Boike!!


Elena Vazintaris

Elena had her start in Pickering, Ontario at the PSB Dance Academy where she trained under the direction of Karen Davies in classical ballet, modern and Jazz. It was there that her love for the stage flourished. During her training, her deep rooted passion for performance and choreography led the way to bookings for shows, videos and industrials locally and abroad. She began touring with Phem Phat, now known as Blaze Entertainment, an all female hip-hop troupe that brought together the elements of the street with jazz and theatre. Elena has had the opportunity to perform at the Du Maurier Theater, The Harbourfront Theatre for the Performing Arts for organizations such Dance Ontario and Dance Immersion. Her television credits include The Mike Bullard show, Musique Plus (Much Music Montreal), CTV, as well as industrials for Fashion Cares, Parasuco, Diesel, and touring singing back up for the Canadian recording artist Jordy Birch.

Eventually Elena began searching for other avenues for her talents which had her looking south of the border. She bought herself a one way bus ticket and pursued her life long goal: to dance in New York City. Elena continues to train under Kat Wildish at The Alvin Ailey Dance School as well as developing her own choreographic perspectives and works which is gaining attention in the indie music scene. Her choreography and creative direction can be seen in such music videos as TV on The Radio’s “Me-I”, Mates of State “Get Better”, Fuse TV commercial: Adrenaline and her credits as a dancer include MTV VMA’S for Shakira and Ludacris, performing briefly with Shakira in her Oral Fixation Tou, Converse Shoe Commercials, Nike Print Ads, Nike Rockstar Videos, various Industrials and Club tours.

Aside from her dance career she freelances as a fashion stylist and designs for her own label Robot Arms Clothing Company. Her label specializes in costume design, one of a kind pieces and dance inspired separates. Fierce bitches that have been seen wearing the Robot included: DJ Cat of NYC, Lady Gaga, Tali De Mar, Anna Copa Cabanna, and Veruca Honey Scotch of the burlesque troupe the Peach Tartes.


Thanks Elena for being a huge part of Ladies Lotto! ;) Special thanks to Jennifer Whitley for nominating Elena!


Sunny Merry

Sunny Merry was born in Maypearl, Texas in 1973 to hippie parents. Mom was a painter, Dad raised cattle. In 1979 Mom packed up a U-Haul, and moved to San Francisco, where she grew up among the wild party days of the early 80's. She would often wake to find all of her Barbies engaged in orgies in the living room, left out from Mom's wild parties. Her family consisted of Mom and 4 gay dads. When she was 12 she lived in Japan and was fluent within one year. Since then she has lived in London, Belgium, and San Francisco. This serendipitous childhood sculpted who she is today.

Sunny thrives on pop culture, art, travel, and she is a recovering MySpace addict. She met her husband, Adrian, in 1994 at a Primal Scream concert in SF. She blew off registering for community college, followed him back to London where she worked illegally in a Polish sausage factory. After years in the many faceless cubicle jobs in SF, she decided to take a chance and start Ho on the Go. Sunny also works in production and assisted NYC Club Maven Chi-Chi Valenti on producing the opening party for Barneys SF. She also interns part time at the fabulous Design Studio of Ken Fulk, interior designer to SF's elite. The Merry Family currently resides in Alameda, CA with hubby Adrian, daughter Sadie Magnolia, son Henry, and Fuzzy the hamster who is currently lost in the laundry room.
What would we do without Sunny?! Thanks for being such a huge part of LL!


Miriam Blier
LL Montreal

Miriam has been in Montreal for about 10 years after growing up close to Toronto. She spent a quick 6 months in Paris after university and eventually moved to the more francophone city of Montreal (to practice her French) where she worked a couple years as a scenic painter before returning to school. She studied graphic design and started working full-time doing prints for Buffalo Jeans and Groggy while also doing some freelance work for different clients. Eventually, she became more involved in marketing and is now working as full-time head - and only member - of the marketing team for the Groggy brand. This has brought about a whole new portfolio of experience in artistic direction, administration, negotiation and PR.

She loves to play with images, concepts and brainstorms and really enjoys messing about creatively in her free time, if any! When it's possible, mixing papers, paint, pictures, prints, words and helping others with their creative projects are some of her favorite activities. She also loves checking out new creative endeavors and researching what's out there.

Chatty, full of stories, diplomatic and a pro at laughing at herself... Her latest extracurricular activities include badminton (yes, seriously) and extremely beginner basketball...

Thanks Miriam for spearheading LL Montreal!!


Kiernan Fly Boike
LL Seattle

Kiernan Fly Boike and recently left her home of seven years- New York City- for Seattle, WA. Kiernan started her career as a massage therapist working in spas in Tuscon, Boston, and New York. In 2002, she made a switch to learn more about healthcare and eventually found herself a very successful, but very unhappy nurse recruiter. Last year, after five years of the daily grind, she took the money and ran all the way to Seattle, WA to accomplish two dreams: 1. To become an RN and a fierce advocate for health (everyone has a right to quality healthcare!!) 2. To receive a college education! She's currently a 31-year-old freshman and with a lot of hard work hopes to transfer to the University of Washington's excellent nursing program in the fall of 2009. She feels lucky enough to be pursuing her goals and exploring a new city with a wonderful husband by her side and feels lucky to be a part of the latest addition to the Ladies Lotto posse- Seattle!

Welcome to the crew, Kiernan! Thanks so much for being so enthusiastic and active!

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