Monday, May 5, 2008

Retouch this!

so. pretty much since I have been looking at magazines, i've realized some times, things are not quite right.
An article in the new yorker this week goes into the work of Pascal Dangin, who is the main man in photo retouching. He is to blame...i mean, repsonsible for that weird Drew Barrymore cover where her upper arm acheived wrist-like circumference and, believe it or not, the natural Dove ads too, which featured women of all sizes.
no word if he is reponsible for that scary Gweneth Vogue cover where her head appeared to be detached.
It brings up interesting questions, and reassures me that its not that i'm not photogenic, its just that i need my own team of retouchers at every event at all times. Kidding kidding.
You can check out the New York article here:

and I found this cool interactive retouching feature on Forsman and Bodenfors, a swedish advertising company, where you can do the retouching play by play: