Thursday, April 24, 2008

Now What?

Greetings Ladies, I decided to write for the LL Blog because, well everyone likes to talk about themselves and their lives. Plus there may be a need for this information and insight in the future for you ladies. You may find some things I say offensive, disrespectful, enlightening, scary and hopefully funny. But it will always be honest.

A little about myself. I'm 28, un-married and pregnant. (insert universal sigh of gasp!). Shocking I know. Well let's just say, I've been taking more shit for it then I would've thought, since it is oh...2008. I mean, I'm not against marriage and by no way was this planned. But hey, how many times can you hop on the table before you say to yourself, "Lenox, grow up already!"

So I (no offense to my awesome boyfriend) decided to keep the kid. I figured I'm old enough, I just started a decent paying job, and hey I might actually be good at it. The kid just might turn out normal...right?!

Here I am under 30, un-married, and 3 months pregnant. Over the next 7 (they are lying if they tell you less than that) months, I want to let you readers know what's going on, what I've learned, and how f-ed up close friends and family can really be. Feel free to leave a comment but remember: I'M PREGNANT, HORMONAL AND EMOTIONAL...BE EASY.


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