Wednesday, January 2, 2008

MEMBER OF THE MONTH - January 2008

Rene Levy
Brooklyn, NY

Rene grew up in North Miami & Jamaica. As a full-time student, full-time employed Make-Up Artist, Event Planner & Ladies Lotto NY's Meeting Coordinator you could say Rene's a little busy. She's been in the service industry ever since she could smile. Helping with the family business at a young age gave her a drive that could not be taught, only nurtured. This is what started a certain work ethic that can only be described as dedicated.

Previous to her move to New York over 5 years ago, Rene ran a field marketing team geared towards the urban music scene. Her clients included but were not limited to Rawcus Records, Electra Records & Rough World Entertainment. During that time she landed a well coveted job assisting a major make up artist (we don't drop names) on the set of music videos, from there she has blossomed into the creative genius she is today. Rene kept a hand in the service industry as a bartender or server to maintain between projects. She is known to be resourceful and a great proactive problem solver - always on top of the game. She takes pride in being a fast learner and thinking one step ahead. She currently juggles motherhood while venturing out into event planning along with pursuing her B.A. in advertising.

Side note: If not for Rene's dedication to Ladies Lotto NY, we'd be in some serious trouble! So thank you so much for your hard work Rene! xo

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