Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Anthology Film Archives
Thursday Dec 13 7:30 PM
32 Second Ave , New York, NY 10003

For the third installment of ALL CIRCUITS ON, we’re giving the evening over to the artist, author, and teacher Paul Ryan. Ryan spent four-and-a-half years studying in a Catholic monastic order before going on to work with Marshall McLuhan from 1967-68. He began experimenting with video during this period, and this led him to theorize about the impact it would have on art making, society, memory, relationships, utopia, religion, and the environment. What Ryan recognized was not just the rise of a new medium or technology, but the dawn of a new electronic culture.

Tonight’s topic will be “Threeing,” the yoga of relationships Ryan developed using video during the 1970s, a “three person solution to relational confusion.” Remember the popular late-70s megahit THREE’S COMPANY? The video world of “Threeing” could well be what that reactionary series was reacting to, a Me-Generation rebuke of communal thinking and living. We’ll use that as a counterpoint to ground Ryan’s thinking in the context of early video and his participation in the pioneering media collective RAINDANCE.

Organized by Rebecca Cleman (EAI) & Andrew Lampert (Anthology).
Works to be screened include:
Paul Ryan: RITUAL OF TRIADIC RELATIONSHIPS (1971-76), 12-minute excerpt, video. Documentation of participants using dynamic sound and movement techniques to illustrate Ryan’s theory of triadic behavior. These are anything but boring clinical experiments.
Raindance :THE RAYS 1970, 24 minutes- or less, video Including Frank Gillette, Paul Ryan and Michael Shamberg with Allen Rucker and John French. Passing the camera around “like a joint,” the members of RAINDANCE theorize on the nature of television and alternative communications systems. The title refers both to Point Reyes and to the broadcast TV signals of a nearby transmitter that caused “rays” to distort the picture.

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