Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tech Tonic: Big-Ass Message

It's a little early for Valentine's Day cards but when that day comes, why not say it with a Big-Ass Message? Big-Ass Message is the little retro customizable message generator that could.

  1. Visit Big-Ass Message here:
  2. Enter your message (don't get too wordy buddy)
  3. Select a style -- "Krugr" is my fave. I'd caution you against "Magic" if you suffer from epilepsy.
  4. Preview (Don't use the back button after your finished previewing your message. Simply click once to return to the main page.)
  5. Save
  6. Copy and paste the URL to add it to Facebook, Twitter etc. Or mail it to your friends.
Go ahead, you know you want to amuse yourself by watching your random thoughts flashed across your screen as a big-ass message.

Q: Who loves you baby?

Tech Tonic is a weekly post exclusively for Ladies Lotto by tech enthusiast, social media junkie and geek lover KK Graham. This is me.

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