Saturday, February 19, 2011

Buy, Borrow, Bite

After hours of checking the Fall RTW from last week's New York fashion shows, I realized that fashion basically falls under three categories: Buy, Borrow and Bite: Things you MUST have, things good for one night only, and styles that can be ripped from the runway and found on the cheap.

Buy Buy Buy: Pieces so versatile that they are worth the price

Buy: I think it would be GREAT to see... and fit in this Herve Leger in my closet 50 years from now. Seriously.

Buy: Betsey Johnson's designs are always pretty extra, pair these skull pants with a loose black tee and it's fun yet basic.

Buy: Victoria Beckham's take on the short trench is perfect. Bring this out every other fall, pair it up with jeans or a dress and you're GOOD.

Buy: This Mara Hoffman is loose and light, perfect for September almost anywhere, day or night.

Buy: This jacket/cape mashup by Imitation would be great with leggings and high boots: a little bit military, a little bit equestrian.

Borrow till tomorrow: These dresses are so unforgettable, they scream "once but never again."

Borrow: This Doo Ri dress is done right, showing just enough skin.

Borrow: Jeremy Scott's bright red minidress with the words God plastered on the front might be hard to forget and you will be impossible to hide if you wear it.

Borrow: This is the Marchesa dress you wear when you're 99% sure youre going to win an award

Borrow: This is the other Marchesa dress you wear when you're 99% sure youre going to win an award

Borrow: Dress by VPL: Where you go is up to you...

Bite! These should all be in your closet, if not you can find basic pieces like this virtually anywhere at a range of prices

Bite: These loose pants and fitted tank by Karen Walker scream "L.A" to me

Bite: Aminika Wilmont: No, thigh highs aren't for everyone...but if you're gonna do it, this is what it should look like

Bite: Thakoon: Dressing monochromatically isn't just for neutrals, any color can look really cool with the right hues and textures.

Bite: In theory this Theory jacket and top should be inseparable, definitely a low light look

Bite: DKNY: I know a million girls like this, they know how to use Photoshop, their hair always look good and they'll bum you a cigarette with a smile...this might be you

-Lynnette Astaire

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