Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tech Tonic: Make Your Own LinkedIn Infographic

After a long hiatus Ladies Lotto's weekly tech post is back and it's got a name; Tech Tonic because we've got the medicine for what ails your tech needs and because a lot of who were are and what we do is fueled by the moves we make using technology. In short tech is helping to define us everyday. There's a big beautiful world filled with gadgets, apps, social media and techie tips and tricks out there and I'm ready to go hard!

This morning the darling social business consultant Rhys Howell (@rhys_isterix) -- and my future husband unbeknown to him -- shared a map of his LinkedIn network with his 36,000+ Twitter followers. As you can see, the young Mr. Howell is a very busy man.

Needless to say, I hopped on the chance to create my own infographic like a little drone. A quick trip to LinkedIn's InMaps allowed me to create and define my own network by logging in to my LinkedIn account. I was able to choose how long the program would have access to my account; as short as one day or until I decide to disable the application.

After InMaps pulled all the data together in a dash of what seemed to be color-coded madness I was able to decipher how I was related to the people denoted by circles and lines. It turns out I have many contacts going way back to my first job out of school as a research analyst at one of the first recognized social networking sites, Bolt.com (please don't mistake that horrid Ning site for the real thing). The bolt of blue below is you guessed it -- my Ladies Lotto affiliations.

Let your fingers do the walking to InMaps and share your very own infographic with Ladies Lotto.

Tech Tonic is a weekly post exclusively for Ladies Lotto by tech enthusiast, social media junkie and geek lover KK Graham. This is me.

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