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The New Glam: Predictions for 2011 By Kimberly Padula

By Kimberly Padula
I have channeled  "The New Glam: A 2011 Overview" which I am honored to share with you per Natalie’s request.  Natalie holds it down for a lot of women in pioneering and breaking ground in many unusual, creative realms and is very true to her own nature’s way. 
I channeled information in for about two hours one morning and spent the rest of the day writing it.  I am going to share everything I heard as I tranced into this year “2011.”

I offer this information with Love & Light. Take all of it, some of it or take none of it.  It is your choice always. Use your own intuition to discern  what is your truth.  And now onto..

The New Glam
2011 is about living in your truest nature.  It’s you raw, stripped down, and now you get to refine it and shine it up while giving your gifts to the world.  As you work with your purpose ~ it will shape you, style you, kind of like an organic makeover.  Your true Beauty, Strength & Power shining through and working through.

This is very different than just “looking like it”  - this is the real deal.  This is gritty, down & dirty but very sexy nonetheless.  You see the Old Glam had no depth ~ that’s is why you were put through the grinder the past few years.  It wasn’t random, the energy was waking you up to who you are as opposed to “your idea or notion” of who you are.  Now you see the difference, now you get to work with it while feeling it through your fingertips.  There will be a magic quality to your living and purpose now.  A supernatural power if you will.  It’s always been there, women have carried this power for years, centuries, lifetimes. Priestesses, Maidens, Empresses, Queens have made up a long line of amazing gifts from women since the beginning of time.  We are no different ~ We are making History ~ make no mistake about it and each of us carry those women through time.

You will now start to notice that whatever your ethnicity is, it doesn’t matter, because you will see many faces, many cultures, many past lives of the women you were before.  The Beauty in this is that you are like a prism of cultural beauty which you carry within you.  Your treasures are still there, the key is to tap into what resonates with you and what gifts have your brought back to give in this lifetime.  We are all many women, and we are our ancestors. We have been given the gift of great power and wisdom to carry in our own distinct unique way.  The New True “Glam” I call it.

This richness in living will be many added dimensions.  It will open up doors when you align with this power.  We come from many different tribes, find your tribe and you will find your power beyond your belief.  Let me explain, I am Greek and Italian and of course I relate to my cultural background, but not as much as my past lives in India, Portugal, and Morocco.  I can feel, see, taste, and smell the lives I have lived there, and relate much more to these regions I can visually explain my lives there as I see them vividly when I close my eyes and when I dream.

Find your tribe and you will sink into your skin, you will feel a safety, and comfort you have never felt before.  This is THE NEW GLAM.

We all have different wells that we will be pulling and infusing ourselves from.  A word of caution, pay attention to the “well” and what and where  you are gathering from.

Let the universe assist you on who it brings into your life, but be discerning at the same time.  Pay attention to who your bridges are for you.

Pay attention to jealousy and competitiveness for there is no room in such a strong sisterhood for this.  I warn you of this because you will see the people who are in their strength & power in their own right will not be threatened  by anything.  Beware of control and fear working through people.  Always pay attention now.

Connect with like minded people, allow for freedom and space.  Keep your Energy ~ choose where to put and engage your energy.

You cannot “help” people you can “assist” people. Be clear of your purpose & know who you are.

If you are not being honored ~ walk away
Not being heard~ speak up
Not being seen~ step in

Allow yourself to be used for all that you are~ this will not deplete you it will inspire & motivate you.  If the energy coming at you is not pure~ it will be very clear and transparent on what the motive is.  Just relax your vision and your being and you will see very very clearly.

You must now accept responsibility to assist people while staying in your power.  Team up with your past life friends ~ you will know who they are. There is so much magic in this group.

Notice Energy patterns of people that your working, developing, designing with . What kind of pattern is it developing?  Does it ebb and flow or is it choppy and unpredictable, does it feel good, or not so good.  There is a lot more happening energetically than ever before.

Keep doing what your doing for your clients, your people ~ you will find them and they will find you.  Keep your motives pure do not work from insecurity, fear, or scarcity.  Work from your true nature, your treasure, your charms, your gems.  You will see the difference in yourself, people around you, and your cash (kashic) flow.

Desperate is not pretty,  and it is now in the moment, nor is it living in trust & faith. This is a must to exercise faith & trust, and it won’t be easy until you work the muscle more and more.

Make time for quiet reflection to bring you back to your pure intent.  Allow people to find their power~ be patient with them.

Live your story first, add in details later, this will help you in releasing any of your past that you must must let go of now.  It is not you anymore ~nothing about it represents you.

It is important Love wise with whomever is in your life lover, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife that they support you.

Ladies Lotto is a strong group of women that is breaking ground on the planet.  People need to know that you are dedicated to them as well.  Take time to let them know.  Maintain Balance in your Lives.  In other words don’t neglect, include however, whenever you can.

Dwelling: Your Living Spaces. The background of things now come into focus like a solid color to outline what is really there.

Your Spaces Must Match who you are. If it doesn’t match your energetic blueprint ~ get rid of it.  Spaces must be clear and open for you to feel your own energy and not be weighed down and vibrate and reflect back to you who you are to reinforce your energy.  Be brave toss what you don’t need.  We are light bodies now.  Living, eating will feel much lighter and will be much more intense on a psychic, intuitive level.

Below is a Month by Month Overview:  One special note here* You will need to put a “grid” into your life.  Insert the Grid visually to apply Structure which is very important. This Grid is “airbased” not ground based.  We will be grounding our lives in a very unusual that we will be “airbased” this is much more abstract and 3D than ground based.  Do not ground like you have in the past learn how to ground visually and in the air.  I do not know fully why this is,  but I am certain we will know this year.  If this changes, I will let you know.

January:  A finishing up, and beginning quality.  Not so glam as we are just embarking on The New Glam.  Connect Urban with Light now. Have fun while in transition and making necessary changes. Have patience with the messiness of it all.  You will be gaining “traction”  The end of January could get very “social” I recommend still laying low energy wise a bit if you can.

February: Earth Shifts will be strong.  Remember Mother Nature has it’s own intelligence and she loves you just as you love her. Roll with it.  The energy will not be settled~ it will be all over the place. Lots of movement.  I encourage you you to keep living your dream.  Keep putting your message out there through all the movement.

March: New & different than what you thought ~ better actually. A softer energy putting what feels like new roots down. New Life New You, a rebirth if you will.  New strengths, new gifts that will start to notice.

April: Comprehending fulfillment. Getting used to “The New Glam”  Destiny kicks in on the manifestation level and it feels good.

May: Playful yet focused.  Arduous, task oriented , lots of responsibility.  A new level of ascension kicks in.  Consciousness raised even higher.  There will be “hotspots” and lots of heat on the planet.

June: Fully in our hearts! Engagements, weddings, babies, celebrations.  The Manifestation of Love.  Festive, bring this energy into your businesses.

July: People will be tired.  Replenishment needed.  Water issues, air strikes.  Pay attention, and stay out of your fear.

August: Much Richness, Colorful, however there will start to be a trend of confusion and things will get a little Rocky on a global level.

September, October, November & December to come at a later date.  These will be very intense months.  I would rather wait on disclosing this information as I have given you so much information today to digest and learn to align with yourselves.

From now on into 2012 you will need to navigate through unsettling/uncertain circumstances.  Chaos will try to reign navigate through around however while remaining fluid in motion steadfast within your being.   We must bring forth all of our power, beauty, strength and intuition.  Stay out of your ego and stay out of fear as they will not serve you in these times.  Keep in Clarity and of Pure Intent it is the safest  and most powerful place to live.  Stay out of angry scenarios as well.

Connect with your wealth and what people want from you.
Your names will change, your style will change, your beings will change.  

Stay very involved and very present with yourselves as this will assist you in interacting with others to stay empowered as well.

Follow the currents, yet push out and past the boundaries ~ not against the current.

If people fall short ~ drop them as they will not come through for you.

You cannot save anyone at this time, and you will see a lot of different scenarios go down.  Lost Souls are lost souls be very careful in who you decide to take on personally and professionally.

Use your quiet energy to support the people you love. Use All of your Gifts Now, there is no holding back.  Full Expression, Full Power, Full Realization of who you are, where you are and why you are here.

Enjoy the Ride!

With Love, Light and Intuitive GPS


Donna Antebi said...

Kimberly, you are gifted indeed. You are an earth angel who inspires us all to lift our wings and soar. Thank you for sharing your gift and your wisdom!

Anonymous said...

You can't be serious...These are what kind of predictions? "Love & Light" ones? Who wrote this, Danielle from the New Jersey Housewives? This is someone so full of themselves, it's almost too funny.