Monday, November 22, 2010

Wise Words on Friendship

You don't make a friend. You become a friend. Then you automatically will have friends. If you relate to people in a very friendly, affectionate way, by loving and caring, sharing and helping, then naturally they will see you as a good friend. When they see you as a good friend, then they become your friends. It begins with you. You should always try to do something nice for people. Never hurt anyone's feelings. The secret is to always look for opportunities to help others; look for ways to be nice to them. 

Sometimes they might even be nasty to you; if so, ignore it, forget it. Maybe that is the way the are; but we should be nice to them. Even if someone says, "Oh, you're a fool," you should say, "Thank you." Don't retaliate with the same kind of words. Soon they will get tired of all that. Afterwards, they will even feel ashamed. The great sage Thiruvalluvar said that if people do something wrong to you or hurt you, do something really good for them in return. That is the best punishment. Why? Because they will be so embarrassed to have done that you you. It is in our hands. We can always make friends with anyone and everyone if we have the patience and understanding.

- Swami Satchidananda, Founder of Integral Yoga