Monday, November 8, 2010

This is Why We do It! A BGirls Perspective

In this day and age, its is rare for us to be able to feel something is our life’s work or to feel we cannot rest until our passion project has come to fruition.  Those of us in the “visionary” category, stray off the beaten path, into our own idealist oblivion, never able to cash in on the “timing” or the moment.

But deep inside of us is this unsettling feeling that until we see it thru to the home plate, we are not truly fulfilling our destiny.

I have had my dry spells, back against the wall, with everyone telling me to try something “else”. But when its your life’s work, and destiny to do something, you do it, thru the good and bad moments. What if Jesus just decided to throw in the towel? Or if Martin Luther Kings just decided to ride the bus?

For me it’s seeing the lifestyle movement of Bboying and Bgirling fully actualized, in a similar fashion to skateboarding. Though folks think it is underground, it is actually a worldwide expression now found in almost every country in the world.

Why? Because it speaks to the child inside of us who wants to get dirty, throw our bodies on the ground, get really good and battle the world, man, woman and child. Somehow by doing this we are rebelling against the regularity of the world, and living via our soul. This translates beyond boundaries of race, class, and gender. 

All my business ventures are somehow connected to the Bboy/Bgirl movement. Whether its my after school program called Hip-Hop 101, or soon to be released all natural energy drink called Jump Street, a TV show about Bboy/Bgirl lifestyle scene, or the event that set it all in motion called The Bboy Summit. 

This dynamic, passion fueled, ego-based movement has often been misunderstood as being old school, or “played out”, with everyone lamenting, “yeah, I use to do that”. No, you didn’t, trust me.. not like this anyway.
Props to everyone living their dream.

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