Friday, November 5, 2010

Muji Goes App Shit Crazy

Japanese retailer Muji has given non iPad users another reason to hate on that revolutionary little tablet. They've just released an app suite for the iPad and one lone app compatible with a few other Apple gadgets. Like the brick and mortar stores, the apps are not about frills -- they're purely functional. However, this doesn't mean you can't have any fun or indulge a bit. You're definitely one step closer to a paper-less environment with these super functional and stylish apps:
  • Muji Calendar (Free; iPad only) - Easy to use and syncs with your Google Calendar. Drag and drop to schedule events.
  • Muji Notebook ($3.99 USD; iPad only) - Draw freehand and enter typed data. On top of it all it recognizes your handwriting. It's a big step up from the Palm Zire (yup, I still have mine). If you're in a sharing is caring mood, feel free to email your notebook to friends.
  • Muji to Go ($3.99 USD; iPad only) - Several useful tools for the lady or dude on the go rolled in one; weather, world clock, calculator and Forex -- because you may need to turn that chedda' into brie. There's no bouncing from one app to another; toggle between them with the stroke of a finger. Muji apparel and other goods are suggested based on the app module you're using.
  • Muji Apparel Catalog (Free; iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch) Who cares if it's in Japanese? Now's a great time to learn with Rosetta Stone. Just kidding, at least you can look at the photos of Muji's new items.
Click the individual links above to learn more about, and to purchase each app.

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