Monday, November 8, 2010

Books, Booze and Burlesque! Oh My! Faery Tale Book Launch Event

On Thursday, November 11th, join author Signe Pike, for an evening of cocktails, conversation and a little mystical misbehaving. Hear a reading from her book “Faery Tale” then make a little magic of your own, while sipping on delicious drinks at her after party at the Bubble Lounge in Tribeca and sponsored by Voli Vodka.
A little about Faery Tale:
Manhattan book editor Signe Pike was fully immersed in the hustle and chaos of every day city life—but as she passed the man urinating on her stoop, or got shoved by a fellow New Yorker battling for a taxi, she couldn't help but wonder—where had all the magic gone? As a child, Signe would walk the woods of Ithaca, NY with her father—searching for fairies. It took his tragic and unexpected death to make her realize that she'd not only lost her childlike sense of wonderment in the world around her, she was utterly battered and disillusioned from the corporate grind. Figuring if she could believe once more in faeries, she could believe in anything, Signe abandoned her NYC publishing life --embarking on a journey across the globe to all the places where fairies were found in myth and folklore, in hopes of rekindling her childhood spark of enchantment. Her travels would take her from Mexico and Manhattan to England, Ireland, Scotland and New York as she explored dark glens, abandoned forests, ancient sacred sites and dimly lit local pubs, interviewing the colorful characters she encounters who take fairy-hunting very seriously.
As Signe puts it: “I was going to find the goddamn fairies.”

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