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Seven Questions with Cozette McCreery

Two years ago I lived and worked in London for six months. During that time, I somehow got immersed in the East London fashion and nightlife scene. The most exclusive, chicest night I encountered over there was PONYSTEP. I mean, the first time I went to a PONYSTEP party was fashion designer Gareth Pugh's going-away-to-Paris party! Cozette McCreery happens to be a member of the fashion-forward PONYSTEP tribe. And girlfriend, does she sure know how to WERK it out on the dancefloor. Door queen, DJ, fashion + PR maven - she is the female embodiment of uber-chic. After reading this interview with Cozette below, you will instantly gain 10 cool points. I guarantee it.

What is your name, age, occupation(s), location(s)?
My name is Cozette McCreery. I am 42 years old and my occupations
include: one third of men’s knitwear collective SIBLING, door girl for Richard Mortimer’s Boombox and now Ponystep events, PR, DJ, active committee member of the charity HOPING and general Miss Fix It.

Locations are London and occasionally Paris and usually at or around a door frame/DJ booth/party/design studio/computer.
Why do you do what you do? What inspires you in general and in your work? What makes you stand out from other artists?
I can’t actually think what else I could be doing. Does that make your career choice part of your genetic make up? As a child I wanted to be a train driver, a designer or a vet. I haven’t driven a train but I was a shepherd so in my mind I never say never.

I’d like to quote cheesy John Miles here about music being my first love. I love how different genres influence everything from the way that people dress to the way that they dance. Youth tribes I guess and all the uniforms and manners associated with them. And, even though I wasn’t really part of a tribe other than being a punk just as it finished and could be brought at Miss Selfridge (kiss of death), SKA in the most basic terms of wearing a Madness or Specials T shirt, New Romantics with my frill shirt and Spandau inspired tartan shawl and Grunge (naturally I wanted the Perry Ellis version) and that my own uniform was my school brown one they have always fascinated me.

I get so excited DJing even though I know that it’s really only me playing someone else’s music. I’d like to think that there is some artistry to selecting the right song at the right moment though. OK so it’s not rocket science but getting people dancing and keeping them on the dance floor always makes me very happy. And, even though I have a high grade in cello and used to drum any flat surface I could (much to my Mum’s annoyance), I’ll leave the actual making of the music to the professionals.

What makes me stand out? Probably that I’m over 6ft in heels! Ha ha but no, really with my main work as part of SIBLING I like to think it is because we are producing colourful collections of luxury men’s knitwear in a market drowning in a humour-less sea of black, grey and beige. So that strength of product and the fact that I’m over 6ft in heels…..

What are some current projects you are working on?
Collection 6 for SIBLING and selling in Paris in January and showing in London in February, possible events for Ponystep, a possible collaboration with a menswear manufacturer, SISTER by SIBLING, press trips to NY and Tokyo, my blog…

What are you hoping the future will bring for yourself and your career?
Firstly: A HOLIDAY! Secondly: a communications meltdown so that I can enjoy my holiday. Thirdly: a straight man to holiday with.
And…. that SIBLING continues to grow at the pace we have set and expands to eventually become a full men’s wardrobe. That I can still make friends with Doormen and bring a happy polite vibe to any event and finally, that I have ample opportunities to wear a new dress, heels and subject people to my record collection.
What are your favorite places in the general London area?
Anywhere that has the following: friends, good music, clothing, cake or ice cream. Mainly that revolves around the East London area, as I’m too lazy or too busy.
What's it like to be a creative in a city like London? Do you feel happy, sad, stressed, paranoid, etc.?
All 4 sometimes or a combination like on a Jelly Belly menu. It depends what time of the year it is, whether we are at deadline, cash flow is only flowing OUT or it’s Fashion Week. But I don’t get stressed out easily especially when with a screaming crowd of people trying to get into a party. I get quite Zen about that strangely.
I was once described as a ‘very happy soul’ and I’d like to think that this is me 99% of the time. Yesterday I was also described as the combination of ‘a school mistress and a 4 year old kid…’ either I think sums me up.

Do you have any advice, life tips, suggestions for the Ladies Lotto community?
Don’t take yourself too seriously.
Try to say ‘yes’ a lot (OK within reason).
Swallow your fear as most of the time it’s only in your head.
Think outside your age bracket.
Don’t plan the life out of things.
As the Patron Saint Of Cool Drew Barrymore stated: BREATHE

Oh and don’t forget to tip the coffee girls and boys and say thank you to bus drivers and your parents.

To see more of the SIBLING collection, be sure to visit the LONDON Show Rooms at the Soho Grand Hotel in NYC from October 25-26, 2010. For more information on Cozette, visit her website site:

Seven Questions is a Q+A segment I, Susie G, will be doing EXCLUSIVELY for Ladies Lotto. Seven Questions will be featuring female artists, creatives, and the like from various locations worldwide. The goal of this is to introduce creatives to the LL community and the interwebs, and hopefully create potential collaborations, networking opportunities, etc. All interviews are done via e-mail correspondence. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have suggestions for future interviewees @ d j s u s i e g [at] g m a i l [dot] c o m. 

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