Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gorillaz in Chicago

(left, Damon Albarn of Gorillaz)

The Gorillaz are on
their Plastic Beach tour with an amazing cast of musicians (Pharcyde, The Clash, etc) guest starring along the way. Me and some friends threw a party for them on Saturday when they came to Chicago. Hypnotic, an amazing brass band from here, are currently on tour with them too. They hosted and performed the afterparty and Maseo from De La Soul also blessed us with a surprise DJ set. It was so good to see legends Bobby Womack and The Clash's Mick Jones come out and have a good time. Damon is a genius for putting so many different artists on the tour, it made a really great party. It was also my birthday so it was great to be surrounded by family, friends and so many talented people. Ironically I don't really carry a camera out, but Mel D Cole is way better at capturing a great party than I'll ever be. Thanks to him for flying out and shooting. He has a column at Highsnobiety where he talked about the night as well.

The Clash's Mick Jones rocking out in the sailor hat

We should've traded hats...

The Pharcyde's Bootie Brown

De La Soul's Maseo

Chicago's Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

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