Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Carrie Ford on Being a BFF: Four Rules

Ladies Lotto member and bad ass, Carrie Ford of Ford Visuals, posted rules on how to improve your popularity with clients / customers. What are they?

Be Their BFF
Four Rules to Improve Your Popularity
(and Your Bottom Line)

Success is about a lot more than just a pretty logo and a cool tagline. It's about connecting with and respecting your customers. It's about building relationships and offering value to your clients' lives. In a nutshell: Approach relationships with your customers and clients like you would a friend and everyone wins.

Rule #1: Be Fun (But Not Too Fun).
No one likes a bump on a log. But then again, most of us don't want Suzy McMartini by our side 24-7. Find a compromise. Have a sense of humor. Talk to your customers and clients as if you actually like them. Better yet, attract customers you like in the first place. Every company needs a voice. Even if you run a massive business, it's important to have one (preferably likeable) personality that can interact with the world.

Rule #2: Be Interesting.
You're probably not going to call Mr. One-Hit-Wonder to meet you and your friends for dinner again. A three hour monologue about his urban gardening techniques? Too much. Stay interesting. One of the most positive by-products of The Great Recession has been a crazy surge of creativity and innovation that shows no signs of stopping. Constant (and careful) re-invention and experimentation will keep people coming back.

Rule #3: Be in Touch.
It seems basic, but it's a key part of every successful relationship, personal or business. Return emails and phone calls. If you stay at home under the covers, don't expect an invite to the BBQ.

Rule #4: Be Honest and Respectful.
Beyond important. Mr. No-Follow-Through doesn't last long in your phone and Ms. Pokes-Fun-At-Your-Veganism is getting defriended. Approach your customer or client as an equal partner, an individual, a neighbor. You are not trustworthy just because you've existed for decades or went to my grade school (well, maybe). Consumers are loyal to brands that speak to them like peers, not peons.

At the end of the day, it's not enough to simply sell a fantastic service or product. Brands that will survive and thrive are just like the relationships that survive and thrive. Honor, respect and cherish them and you will likely get the same in return.

Your Potential BFF,


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Lana Perry said...

Great tips! I have moved into the world of sponsorship and client relations and whatnot and although these qualities most likely come naturally to someone who is great at what they do, I think that being reminded is exactly what I needed today -- right on time! Thanks Carrie :) - Lana