Monday, October 18, 2010

Brown Girls Burlesque Presents Culture Classics!

Burlesque is a hot topic right now especially with the unimaginative and sensational "Burlesque" movie starring Cher and Christina Aguilera set to hit theaters later this year. But burlesque is hardly a new phenomenon. Just ask the ladies of Brown Girls Burlesque (BGB), a women of color theatrical troupe, founded in 2007 to create a space for women of color to express their individual stories from a cultural perspective that is often left out of the mainstream burlesque scene. They are proudly presenting their 3rd annual spectacular, Culture Classics (A United Nations of Burlesque), this Friday and Saturday, October 22 and 23 at the Kumble Theater at Long Island University in Brooklyn.
I had the transformational opportunity to study with these ladies this summer, and in the spirit of self-disclosure, I am doing some stage managing for this event. Let me honestly say how I am in awe of their ability to storytell using sass, sex, and satire. This is not just about women stripping and strutting but they are making statements and exploring issues such as colonization and the otherness of the immigrant, the Brown Paper bag boundaries of Blackness, the Filipina mail order bride, and a Creole woman’s knack for enterprise, among others. The production also includes capoeira, poetry and aerial silks performances from some of the finest artists in NYC. For the grand finale, the ladies of BGB perform a Congolese Can-Can dance with ornate costumes designed by BGB core member Dame Cuchifrita and made by "The Ladies of the Room Bali," a cooperative group of talented Balinese seamstresses. This is truly an international production honoring women and our myriad of experiences.
Today is the final day to get discounted tickets for $20 before they go up to $25. It is well worth it, you will certainly be wowed, entertained and aroused. Be sure to support these brilliant and beautiful ladies as they pay homage to brown women around the world! Check out this video for more information about Brown Girls Burlesque and Culture Classics.