Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vatooing: Would You Do It?

I am curious to get some honest feedback from young, sophisticated and trendy ladies about the latest spa trend in "vaginal" art: vatooing or, as Gawker likes to call it - twattooing.

Just watch:

In the video embedded below, three chicks just like you and I get on camera to receive a temporary tattoo on their pubis at Completely Bare Spa in New York. One of them, who chooses to sport a nasty spiderweb, is trying to get a point across: "nobody's been down there in a while." Meanwhile, the vatoo technician insists there are some sexual positions you'll want to avoid if you'd like the treatment to last.

If pussy adornment is not designed for seduction, then what's the point, you may ask?

With vatooing placing as #9 on Google trending tonight, it's safe to say that the fascination towards women's new feminine intimate art is undeniable.

My question is... would you do it?

PS. Let all of us take a second to remember that the vagina is a specific internal structure, and that nobody is actually getting tattooed down there. Source: Wikipedia

Who cares? Bryce Gruber, vagina expert and fab lifestyle publicist, replied candidly to my doctor client on my Facebook wall as he pointed out the anatomical facts: "Andre, we know where our pussies are. It's just better for googling :)"


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