Monday, August 23, 2010

Lotions & Potions

I took a trip to Sephora last week after running out of foundation and found myself slipping into the Twilight Zone that is a cosmetics store. It's really easy to spend a lot of money on things you didn't even know existed, like "(insert name here) refiner" "filler" or "reducer." I love party goody bags that have tons of things like this to try out, but I usually stick to the same routine: Dr.Bronners, jojoba oil, shea butter and Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 in Coconut. After seeing TSA crush many a travelers dreams, it's better to keep it simple.

Recently though, I added 2 products that couldn't be more opposite. Terresentials Pure Earth Hair Wash and Glytone Mild Gel Wash. The hair wash is a shampoo made from Moroccan clay, it's literally a mud you coat your hair with that bonds to dirt and rinses clean. The clay strips hair of the thickeners and coating agents from regular shampoo. It comes in different fragrances, (they all pretty much smell like patchouli to me). The only drawback is that it's only available in few shops. Apparently stores don't want to stock Terresentials because it makes all the other chemical-filled products look too bad.

On the other hand, I use Glytone and its ALL chemicals. It has the best Glycolic Acid face wash I've ever tried. It's not too strong but it does a great exfoliation job with my combination skin. The drawback? Prescription and pricey.

My first choice is always natural, I really believe that what we need we can pretty much get from the earth, but I'm always open to new products. Call me a cosmetic double agent.

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