Monday, August 30, 2010

LLadies Fashion Scoop: Slap Happy!

There are some trends that resurface from past decades that should have remained where they were once forgotten. However, every-so-often, there are those key moments when one pops up that you can’t help but love.

I am sure we all remember the joy we once felt when the slap bracelet was introduced. Hours of fun, slapping, snapping, trading with (and occasionally hurting) your friends.

Well, the fun can be had once again! TKO watches created their own version called the “Slapper.” The silicone rubber “slap bracelet” style watch has interchangeable bands and capsules to create an abundance of looks.

TKO designer states, “Fashion trends prove to be cyclic. So I thought to myself, I loved slap bracelets growing up as a kid, why not incorporate that into a watch?” Well we are glad you did! Put a little fun into functionality.

The Slapper retails for $50 and accessory packs with three different color bands and capsules are available for $35- 16 looks under $100!

So put on some of your favorite early 90s tunes—and start slapping.

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