Monday, August 2, 2010

Best Coast

Ladie's Lotto is here to tell you about the latest girl-fronted band on the rise right now: Best Coast. They are a low-fi, surf pop band that are gaining more and more traction in the up-and-coming hipster scene with bands like Wavves and Beach Fossils. Their songs are very chill jams about the summer, love, and an affinity for weed with song titles like "Sun was high (so was I)." They are receiving lots of praise for their album Crazy For You, just released on July 27. You can read some of this praise for Best Coast from Spin Magazine and Pitchfork, who give the album their "best new music" seal of approval.

The most recent buzz about the band was around a collaboration between the front woman, Bethany Cosentino, rapper Kid Cudi, and Vampire Weekend member Rostam Batmanglij. The song is called All Summer and you can get it here. I'd recommend the song as a must-download before the end of this summer- you won't regret it. The three played a show at the Bowery Ballroom on July 21st, which was the first time the song was played live.

Watch their music video for "When I'm With You" below. The video showcases the band's quirkyness, featuring a Ronald McDonald character. (because who doesn't have fun with Ronald McDonald, i guess?)

The album certainly fits into the summer tunes and it's always nice to find that album that just perfectly fits into the season. I enjoy it, but if you don't want to take my word for it, check 'em out yourself at Myspace and download that Converse track before the leaves start changing colors!

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