Monday, July 26, 2010

What is style?

What is style? With the latest fashion trends these days, we never seem to really know what is the latest look or just an over the top look. Looking at artists like Lady gaga who is the cross of Madonna and Grace Jones, or Nicki Minaj who seems to have multiple personality complex, we are looking around to figure out what is what. Let’s break it down for a second.

Style - “A distinctive manner of expression” is the definition found in Webster’s dictionary. In lamest terms, self expression. Dress for each occasion, dress for the day, and dress for the moment. Fashion has always been a large role in a women’s lifestyle. How she looks, and what she wears says everything without words. So when we look at the latest trends, what words are we portraying? Crazy? Over the top? Dramatic? If that’s the look that you are going for, then great, well done. However for the rest of us? Embrace the style that we have.

If you hate wearing shoes and feel like sneakers are the best thing ever created, then rock them to your hearts content. For the ladies in heels, the more power to you in those 5 inches. Style is whatever you decide to make it. Knowing who you are, what you love and at the end of the day how it makes you feel. So please ladies stop trying to look like the next person and just own your look, no matter what it is.

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