Saturday, July 3, 2010

Society HAE's The Factory 2010 @ The Brooklyn Museum of Art

Society HAE founder and Ladies Lotto member Ngozi Odita will transform the Brooklyn Museum of Art's Target First Saturday dance party into a new version of Andy Warhol's infamous studio, The Factory. Art, fashion and party lovers are invited to revel in their 15-minutes of fame. Videographers, photographers, bloggers and social media junkies will be capturing the night. After all is said and done the footage will be edited to create a 15-minute multimedia experience ("15 Minutes of Fame") that will screen on the Brooklyn Museum's community video page and on

TONIGHT, Saturday, July 3

Target First Saturdays
Brooklyn Museum of Art
200 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, NY

As The Star of This Multimedia Experience You'll:

Pose For photo-ops

Drop Sound Bites for the camera crew

Tweet your thoughts via The Twitter live stream

Supporting Cast

The Ahficionados (DJs)

Trauma (DJ)

Kwesi Abbensetts (Photographer)

Delphine Fawandu-Buford (Cinematographer + Photographer)

Valerie Caesar (Photographer)

Akintola Hanif (Photographer)

The Artists (Monique Schubert, Paul Deo, Laylah Amatullah Barrayn)

Shantrelle P. Lewis (Curator)

Team SHAE (Ndada Vaz, Keisha Dutes, Ngozi Odita, Ayana Case, Chay Jones, Ronni Love, Marissa Arteberry, Mecca Woods, Diata Wallace)


80s pop, rock, hip hop and the music of Warhol's friends; David Bowie, Grace Jones, Debbie Harry and Diana Ross

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