Thursday, July 15, 2010

Organic MakeUp

Couple months ago I had a chance to work with Christopher Drummond, a New York based Makeup Artist who also has his own line of Organic MakeUp called Christopher Drummond Beauty. We got to use his line to work on the models for a fashion show and I fell in love with his products. He gave me a sampler and since then I have been using his line for myself. His makeup is 100% natural and organic based, even adding antioxidants, plant extracts and products such as Acai and green tea. His brushes are 100% vegan approved soft bristled brushes that is so easy for application.

I get asked a lot to what makeup I usually use for myself and since I got introduced to his organic line, that's all I have been raging about. I try to eat healthy and buy organic milks, eggs, etc...I mean why not use something organic on my face too?? Trust me ladies, start with this
Veludo Velvet Foundation and do something good for your skin!

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