Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bronzer Time!

Now that it's Summer, I'd say we need to add a little bit of color on top of your usual powder or even to your bare skin to add a little glow onto your complexion. Normal powder is great to keep the oily skin under control but by using the bronzer, it will add a little shimmery glow onto the skin. Make sure you don't go any darker than 2 shades of your tone. I like to use the powder bronzer because my skin is on the oily side than dry, but for those who have dry skin, I would recommend a liquid type. For the fair fair fair skinned ladies out there that gets burned easily, I would recommend just using a pink blush to just give it a faint color. Apply bronzer onto the cheeks, nose, forehead, and the chin and blend. Please don't over bronze yourself unless your goal is to look like Snooki. If you are already tanned from going to the beach, bronzer is a great way to even out the color on your face since you aren't really supposed to be tanning your face (sun spots ladies!!! Please please wear sunblock everyday on face, neck, chest and your hands, you'll thank me later)

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