Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Homebodies Recap

On June 8th, Ladies Lotto presented Homebodies: A How-To Guide for Home, Sweet Home which provided tips and tools for buying a home. The presenters took attendees through the entire home buying process. Rolan Shnayder of Home Owners Mortgage shed light on the the financial advantages of buying, the loan process and discussed the different types of loans. Guests learned that a mortgage can be a challenge if you have less than perfect credit. Anthony Davenport, of Regal Financial Solutions showed them there are some things a consumer can do to change their score and he can help ensure those changes happen quickly.

Ladies Lotto Members Mara Ingram, a licensed Real Estate Agent with Corcoran, Jordana M. Gutman, P.C./Real Estate Attorney and Kiki T., a recent home buyer also presented. Presentations were followed by a Q&A session and a tour of the newest and best valued condominium in Downtown Brooklyn, Be@Schermerhorn.

Here is a list of resources for purchasing a co-op or condo from Corcoran:

Food and wine from Brooklyn Fare was provided by Regal Financial Solutions and Home Mortgage Express.

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