Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hair Brain! Get Busy!

Grab all of your hair - all of the hair off of your hair brushes, your floor, your pets, your hairdresser's - anything and everything. Save it and send it to Matter of Trust (

Here's what they'll do with it:

Direct link:

The hair Matter of Trust collects will be used to help soak up the oil from the Deepwater Horizon/BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico! HELLS YEAH!

The mission of Matter of Trust is to Link ideas, spark action and materialize sustainable systems. We like to mimick how Mother Nature integrates enduring cycles and provides access to necessities in abundance. We concentrate on manmade surplus, natural surplus and eco-educational programs. The results are worthwhile, common sensical and often enchanting.

And those of you in New York, Save the date - JULY 28th!

On July 28th Ladies Lotto is setting up shop at Pimps and Pinups for drinks, networking and complimentary trims with all of your hair going to Matter of Trust. Your beautiful new do will help the clean up efforts!

See you on Wednesday July 28th!!

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