Monday, May 24, 2010

Taken By Trees

Swedish singer Victoria Bergsman is mostly known for singing the female part in Peter Bjorn and John's number one hit Young Folks. Bergsman also creates music under the name Taken By Trees, an amazing contemporary indie project that is performing live in New York tonight.

Her latest album East Of Eden is a beautiful saga inspired by her recent adventures far east. With the goal in mind to record music with Pakistan folk musicians Bergsman headed east to search for Sufi musicians to play with. The task turned out to be hard, as female musicians were not welcome in the culture. Despite pretty complex circumstances Bergsman found a group of Pakistan sufi musicians to play with. Composing with Pakistan musicians was a first for Victoria, hearing their own recordings was a first for the group of sufi musicians she played with. Her commitment and creativity brought her closer to them and resulted in East Of Eden, an outstanding combination of soft Swedish indie tunes and exotic sufi sounds. Her soft voice in combination with Pakistan folk music is definitely one of a kind.

Taken By Trees is performing live in NYC at Le Poisson Rouge tonight at 10:00PM. Her performances are always lovely, she bring tons of innovation and her inspiration from far east on stage. During her last tour she screened the documentary that was made about her inspirational route to Pakistan. The incredible video is made by noted video director Marcus Soderlund, and is a must see. Korallreven (Acephale Records) is DJing after the show.

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