Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother Female Energy Cycle Celebration

In honor of the Mother celebration, lets shed some illumination on the wondrous feminine creature, that gives life, and honor our ability to do so. Whether or not we are all physical mothers, we are born with the innate desire to give life, on a multitude of levels. Let us pay homage to what is known as the Female Energy Cycle, and illuminate our powers that have been kept in the dark, thereby uplifting our bodies and us.

Our fertility is somewhat of a mystery to many of us. Terms like “the rhythm method”, “natural family planning”, etc are not fully understood. We have companies trying to sell us expensive, abortive pills and such, instead of really educating us on when we are fertile, and what times of the month we can conceive. There are only 2 times a month we can conceive, one is during our mid cycle (biological ovulation), and the other is during our lunar fertility time. This is when a woman has her particular natal lunar phase repeated when the moon is in the exact position relative to the sun as it was at her time of birth. So if you were born on a full moon, during full moon time you can get prego! It is fully necessary to chart the moons cycle at your birth time to find this info out.

The first step is becoming actively involved with your female energy cycle, to better understand your highs and lows, effective times and self reflective ones and embrace it! “One thing has become very clear to me, and that is that a woman's relationship to her menstrual cycle speaks volumes about her life in general.” - Nadia MacLeod

Some great reading material on this subject:

-; this site is one of the best sites regarding the Female Energy Cycle! Will shed light on lunar fertility and everything female!

-The novel: The Red Tent; a great read, powerful story relating lineage of women from Biblical Genesis days, and the tradition of stories, and knowledge passed down during the sacred time of the month.

-Book: Conscious Conception, Elemental Journey through the Labyrinth of Sexuality; a gentle reminder of our roots in nature and origin of sexuality and conception itself.

We are all the exotic tastes of life rolled up into one mysterious creature, lets unravel ourselves and love ourselves even further.

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