Monday, May 24, 2010

Detox Not Botox!

We hear a lot about detoxifying… its kind of a buzzword really, but do we know why and how we should detoxify?

Well for starters, toxins surround us in urban environments: the air we breathe (pollution, smoke), water we drink (lead from pipes, chemicals from water sources), and food we eat (pesticides, chemically enhanced). Add the toxic effects of stress (cortisol) and you have a recipe for disaster!

So in essence, detoxification is basically a cleansing routine to reduce the body’s toxic load. Instead of calling Tyrone to deal with all this toxic baggage we have a better approach to healing and riding our bodies of excess built up toxins.

If you have complaints such as fatigue that you notice is in excess of what you regularly feel, or skin rashes like eczema, or even excess weight, its your bodies way of saying, “Yo, clean me out!”.

Here is a basic chart that everyone can follow to keep the body clean throughout the year:

Daily use: - Detox tea I recommend Triple Leaf Tea (A traditional Chinese Medicinal tea blend) has burdock and dandelion to cleanse blood.

-Fiber (adheres to fat and carries it out of colon, lowers cholesterol, bowel health)

-Probiotics (displaces harmful microbes, regulates immunity, enhances digestion)

-Green Foods (Sea moss, spirulina, chlorella all have concentrated nutrients and promote purification and rejuvenation)

-Red Foods (antioxidants, also fights infection and inflammation)

Also, consider an annual fast to really cleanse and eliminate. This site has great information on detoxification on every level:

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San said...

I think botox > detox because ...
BOTOX is the commercial tradename for Botulinum Toxin Type A. Botulinum Toxin is derived from the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum.