Thursday, May 27, 2010

Concealer 101

Concealer comes in a liquid or creme form and is an essential product to getting a perfect skin through makeup. It's a color corrector that is applied over dark circles under your eyes, red blemishes, pimples or any other discoloration you have on your skin before the usage of any other foundation.

We use the color wheel concept for picking the right colors for the concealer. If you have red blemishes or red pimples, you want to use the color opposite from the red on the color wheel which is green or blue. If you have dark under eye circles which is usually in the blue tone, you would want to use a concealer that has a warmer red or salmon tone. If you have a brown or red discoloration over your eyelids, again you would use the blue or green tone to conceal.

I would recommend using a small brush to dab it onto the part you want to cover. Do not take big brush strokes like you are painting. After applying it, you can blend the concealer with your finger or sponge in the dabbing action, and then set it with powder.

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