Wednesday, April 7, 2010


By Samantha Harris Author Politics As Usual

Lovemade is just that… made with love. Tammy and Linda’s goal is to support and empower women through their multifaceted agency. “Our main thing is that we cater to females. All of our events are geared towards women. We want to brand ourselves so that females know we can support them.”

Since sixth grade these women have been best friends and now support each other as business partners. Tammy handles the marketing and events while Linda is in the process of creating the Lovemade clothing line. They want to support, market, promote and dress the strong women they see in each other and in you.

They started throwing parties in Orange County and then in LA to help brand and market their movement. Tammy recalls one of their first parties, “We had a party back in 2007 at Tokyo Bar called Manic Monday’s with an all female DJ line-up.” This is where Tammy wants to see Lovemade events return to, “We get distracted with corporate events and sponsoring other peoples parties. My goal is to return to my roots and get back to promoting all female DJ line-ups and throwing parties that support all females.” Which is one of the many reasons why Lovemade joined Ladies Lotto. Linda came to a meeting in New York and upon her return to Los Angeles started the LA Chapter of Ladies Lotto. “We want to help bring exposure to LL events in Los Angeles and set up more charity driven events in the future.”

Lovemade has worked with a number of corporate clients such as Pepsi, Reebok, SobE Water, Diesel, Urban Outfitters, Urban Decay Cosmetics, Wet & Wild and Hello Kitty. These companies want to work with Lovemade, because, ”We bring the cool girl element to their event, hey if Lovemade sponsor’s their party it is guaranteed to have x-amount of girls. We are able to cater to females and that’s who inspires and supports us.”

With a lot of events and collaborations in the works Tammy and Linda are hoping to bring a Lovemade product to you soon. Linds has collaborated with Han Cholo and is in the process of launching their contemporary fashion line Lovemade. “It’s the kind of clothing we want to see our Lovemade ladies in.” Tammy is hoping to do another LA Fashion Week launch party to follow up her successful event last year with Revolve Clothing and is working on a Coachella event with Will.i.Am. Which will follow up their highly successful event Dipdive Nights on Sunday’s with Lovemade which ran the entire month of January up until the Grammy’s featuring rotating dj’s such as Will.i.Am, Apple, Samantha Ronsen and Steve Aoki. Outside of Lovemade Tammy manages Will.i.AM when he’s not on tour. “Due to our relationship with dipdive we are able to help people get jobs. We have become an agency, which is what we wanted to be. We can refer hairstylist, makeup artists, graphic designers, etc.”

Who is Lovemade? “We are inspired by supportive women who are handling their business. It can be such a competitive environment working with other women. But, with other women’s networks like Ladies Lotto we all naturally want to support each other and we all have credibility being in there .. I like how that feels.. I want people associated with Lovemade to feel that too.”

In Her Own Words:

How did you get involved with Ladies Lotto?

My partner/best friend Linda and I started the Ladies Lotto LA chapter, after she attended a meeting in NY.

Ladies Lotto is a very inspirational network to be involved with. It’s nice to have access to a network of ambitious women that support and inspire each other. I’ve tried to assist anyone who has come to me with questions, contacts, referrals, etc. I’ve worked on projects/events with some of the other members and they’ve all turned out well :).

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