Monday, April 19, 2010

Fast for Life!

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Yes its that time of year, spring has sprung, and things are beginning to sprout anew.

As in nature, we must also sprout anew. Humans do spring cleaning on their homes, switch their closets up; maybe even get a fetching new cut to refresh the winter doldrums.

But what about our internal cleanse? Beyond the surface.

Our small intestine is 20 feet long and carries what’s left of the food we eat, once the nutrients are absorbed out of it. Meat, and other food substances that are hard to digest, often linger longer in the small intestine, petrifying. Think of your small intestine like an old closet you throw things in that you don’t want to deal with, that eventually starts to have a funny odor.

Our bodies have extra storage compartments that harbor old stuff that is not eliminated or used efficiently, and these are called lymph nodes. Kind of nasty stuff I think we can agree to do with out! So, what is the proper way in which to thoroughly clean our internal house out?

Our ancient relatives used a fairly simple method in which to keep clean, and to rid the body of waste and/or prevent disease with. It was called, “Nature's operating table”, and it is called fasting. Some fear the word, or think it unhealthy to do. Well think again, but not with your stomach this time! We do fear the unknown, or anything that threatens our regular way of life or thought, or even a challenge. We think we will die without food, or at least end up a heap on the office floor. I can assure you neither will happen. What I can also assure you will happen, if you fast for 10 days, is that you will:

  • Have more energy (since you are not expending energy digesting food)
  • Need less sleep (since you are not expending energy digesting food, your mind is clearer and more awake than usual)
  • You will breath freer and easier (since mucus is ridding your body)
  • You will think clear and more esoterically than ever before (why do you think gurus fast?)
  • You will loose on average 10-12 pounds if overweight and only a few pounds if at your ideal weight
  • Feel more loving and tolerant of others and challenging circumstances (i.e. stress)
  • Save a lot of money on food

It does take a little advanced preparation daily, as to get the full effect of the cleanse it is recommended to take a natural laxative tea in the evening, and also a saltwater tonic (sea salt and warm water) drink in the am. Both of these methods combined will make you eliminate (crap) a lot in the morning, so give yourself an hour and 45 minutes before you have to go anywhere. Use that time to make your daily 6-10 glasses of lemonade drink (fresh lemon, grade B maple syrup, spring water with a pinch of cayenne) and fill up your bottles to take with you for your day ahead. I don’t recommend taking off work or forgoing your regular activities. The first 3 days are a little intense, as the cravings play with your mind, make you think you're hungry. But after that the "hungry" feeling dissipates you'll feel rather tranquil. Not having to eat gives you a lot more time! You can exercise and do what you like socially. Even though you don’t have the same kind of “amped up” energy we get from energy drinks, if you do exercise you will be amazed that you don’t get tired, but have a good steady stream of sustainable energy. I usually feel more like yoga, hikes, walks, mellow actives, but I have had to perform and train at times during fasts and get through it just fine. So don’t over plan. You dictate your life, not food.

You will have a glow about you, and a little smile on your face, so why not share it with the world? After 10 days of fasting, on your 11th day, when you come off of it, treat your body as a temple and ease back into it, by drinking fresh squeezed OJ. It will taste like liquid sun.

On the 12th day, eat soup and salad, and then on your 13th day do the same or add a few things (not dairy yet or meat). You will look and feel like a million bucks. And the lessons you will have learned along the way will be life changing. Such as how we view food. Do we eat to live, or live to eat? Why people who proactively take care of their bodies are a minority and so much more.

Pick up the guide by the master himself, Stanley Burroughs, called “The Master Cleanse” that has the lemonade recipe and all the info you will need. It’s only needed once a year, you can do it!

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