Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Creative Memory

LL members are some of the most cutting edge, fresh wizards out there right now using their creative minds to establish new female frontiers in business and commUnity. Here is some good salad for our brains to keep them in top shape!

Creative Memory

If we didn’t have memories, then how could we use them as a platform to come up with new solutions to problem solving and new creations? But how do we remember things? And why are some memories much clearer and others fuzzy? The answer lies in our conscious state, especially at the time of the experience. In order to retain, we must fully “live in the moment”, to be present, to retain. When we choose to recall a memory or an experience, we are simply allowing ourselves to return to the original experience, and it comes back completely “refreshed”.

So it isn’t really about retaining, it’s about retrieving. All of these experiences are lying dormant in our subconscious, waiting to be reactivated. When it comes to our brains, there is still a lot of mystery. Many scientists are coming to understand that its not just about localized areas of the brain that store memories, and that consciousness is not a function of the brain, but more of something that is processed through the brain, that exists beyond the material world. Again giving more to the argument that we are beyonders, spiritual beings that transcend our earthly residence. Our brains, function more like computers, hardware, that process consciousness that manifests as mind. Going further into esoteric reaches, our mind can exist in non-local areas of the body, and memory can be electrochemical as well as etheric, surrounding the human body and brain! Dr.’s Karl Pribram, Karl Lashley, Paul Pietsch, and Rupert Sheldrake all contributed to these findings.

This gives us the special ability called ‘collective consciousness’ that Carl Jung introduced us to, that all humans can contribute to as well as access, giving us superpowers in global, even universal problem-solving and healing.

We do not need to suffer from brainpower depleting diseases such as Alzheimers and dementia. Our food and exercise choices and stress all directly contribute to this, as does our level of brain exercise. Wake up folks, our brain is a muscle! If you don’t use it, you will loose it. But do not fear, we can restore it, via natural means of course like Kundalini Yoga, and the ‘breath of fire’ to electronically stimulate the brain for lasting effects. Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa, renowned brain guru, respected by both the medical and naturopathic fields has worked with Alzheimer’s patients. Peep out this great site for tips, and exercises for your brain, and share it will everyone you love!


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