Monday, March 29, 2010

WMC Spotlight: Kate Simko and Cassy

I'm just getting back to New York after a very impressive and overwhelming weekend in Miami. This was my 8th year there for the Winter Music Conference and my 4th year of hosting the Spectral/Ghostly event.

For those of you who aren't familiar with WMC, it is the annual gathering of dance music that hosts hundreds of events featuring the best (and the not so best) in new electronic music.

Amongst all the heated sets I saw this year, I was able to catch a couple sets by two talented females. They both not only have stellar taste in music but they can also undeniably move a crowd.

Kate Simko is a good friend of mine and is also part of the Ghostly family. Over the past couple of years, Kate's style has really evolved amazingly. Her background is in classical music but she began to find herself more and more interested in electronic music. She has spent time in Santago, Chile which influenced her music to become a hybrid of her Chicago house sound, mixed with more Latin-influenced percussion. She has even produced the score to a major PBS documentary.

Check out Kate's chill mix here; it's prefect for kicking back and taking it all in where ever, when ever. You can also pick up "Music from the Atom Smashers" at the iTunes store.

Cassy is another artist that I not only admire as a DJ, but also as a multi-talented producer. She was born in England to a Caribbean father and an Austrian mother. Growing up in Austria, the local electronic music scene (known as the 'downtempo' sound in the 1990s) inspired her to become a deejay, which led her to Berlin. Her production skills grew and she now records for some of the best dance music labels in the world, as well as holding down a DJ residency at the famous Panorama Bar.

Cassy's mix will FM you up!

Hope you enjoy these Ladies and their music.
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