Thursday, March 25, 2010

Two Moms in the Raw

Starved and in between meetings armed with a Starbucks gift certificate and no cash, I found the nearest Starbucks for a soy latte and quite possibly any non-dairy snack I could find. I got the feeling the 'Buck (as I like to call it) wouldn't have a large and delicious selection of vegan fair. I was right, they really didn't. BUT one amazing option available was a blueberry granola from TWO MOMS IN THE RAW. Zoinks!!!! I had a perfect little snack - gluten-free and dairy-free. Be on the look out.

The company has a great story - Shari, the owner/founder was diagnosed with MS and decided to spread the love and healing foods by creating good, healthy snacks for the buck-head masses.

Check it out online:

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