Sunday, March 28, 2010

HerStory: Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols' life story isn't of the usual variety. There were
no family connections, Ivy League colleges or having an easy time of it in general. She is, in her words "a little black girl from South Central." However, that little girl grew up to be the living, breathing inspiration for millions around the world. Her dedication to sharing her story and life lessons is what helps her connect to people from all walks of life. She isn't your typical self-help, motivational speaker.

Encouraging women to define themselves and helping them tap into the
power within is her goal. She is passionate about women embracing who and what they are as a means to becoming who they want to be. "You think and speak your life into existence." What she promotes is so powerful, that men have been very vocal about her female-directed message. And it's true that anyone can apply her teachings to their life.

Lisa participated in the now-defunct "Starting Over"; helping women get
past difficult points in their lives and recreate themselves. She has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show numerous times, as well as having taken part in the wildly popular, The Secret. Previously labeled the worst writer by her English teacher has ever seen, Nichols has published three books. We as women (and men) should be "non-negotiable" about ourselves and our goals. "Reject average and embrace extraordinary!"

"Be so sure that you have claimed what you want, that you have to say
yes twice! Yes, yes!"

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