Thursday, March 25, 2010

HerStory: Candice Han

Candice Han represents the every woman while still achieving total individuality. She is the public relations practitioner and brand-blending entrepreneur behind her company Pitchblend Media. Her client list includes top name music acts, visual artists and companies who shall remain nameless for privacy purposes.

Her specialty? Innovation and technology.

Her methodology?

“I make sure to stay ahead of the curve with all the on and offline technology that is constantly emerging so I know how to apply these tools for my company and especially for my clients,” says Han. “I understand the dynamic shifting of media and how that makes sense for companies and the arts & entertainment. I always make sure that my methods and the services I offer are top level, delivering ideas that have never been done before.”

Beyond nonstop output and pure productivity, Han contributes much more of the really real stuff to our world. After a DJ career, and a late-bloomer B.A. in Journalism and PR, she made her business dreams happen after struggling for years with self-doubt and insecurity. Her thriving company represents sacrifice, championship, persistence, self-love and confidence…in addition to a finely tuned social media compass and a reputation of campaign creativity that precedes her.

“I know there isn't anything I can't do or accomplish and that goes for everyone in this world. Fear is an illusion. Whenever you take risks, roll the dice and surrender to free fall, you will always land on your feet and win.”
- Candice Han

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TC said...

A hustler's spirit...period!