Thursday, March 4, 2010

HerStory: Adrianna Giuliani

Adrianna Giuliani
possesses one of the most creative minds I have ever come across. At the ripe age of 29-years-old, she holds down the title of "Vice President" for one of the largest and most respected Public Relations agencies, Ketchum. I've had the great pleasure of working with her, for her and learning from her. She has, without a doubt, given me some of the best advice and insight. Her unique and clever views on a variety of topics are awe-inspiring and I find myself wanting to do the listening, rather than the talking (if you know me at all - that's a rare occurrence!) I consider Adrianna a true mentor, both from a career and personal level. That said, I am honored to give you HerStory, from HerPerspective.

With seven years of service under her belt, she has experienced four different job roles at the agency. She's passed down the same advice to me that her mentor passed along to her.

"My advice to other career gals comes from one of my favorite mentors, Lauren Dougherty who is now the Director of Marketing at Mattel. She told me that the best way to get the job you want is to start doing it. Eventually people will realize what you’ve accomplished and your title will catch up to what you are delivering. It hasn’t failed yet…"
Aside from her innovative thinking in the office, Adrianna has the typical "busy city-girl" lifestyle. Hip to the trendiest restaurants and newest art shows, she finds it liberating to slow down and really appreciate all that New York City has to offer. She is passionate about volunteering and was recently selected as a mentor for Three Dot Dash, an organization that supports Global Teen Leaders from around the world who are working on projects that promote peace and humanity. Modest as always, she says, "I'm supposed to be mentoring them, but I have a feeling I'm the one who will be learning a lot."

Adrianna is also working Foundry Media on a book titled Great Textpectations. It chronicles how people date in present day, since "it's obviously all more 'Text and the City' than 'Sex and the City.'" Showcasing her impressive writing skills, she also runs her own blog, TechRomance, where she has been quite successful in creating her own language. Read for yourselves:
  • MILF: "Moms I Like To Facebook," an homage to all the moms that infiltrated Facebook in 2009
  • Great Textpectations: Building a relationship up over text messages and then realizing it's not what you thought it was
  • Textual Tension: Sexy and flirtatious text messages. Note: this is NOT 'sexting'. Also note: she prefers the phrase 'sex messaging'
  • Fauxmance: When everyone thinks you and the person you're dating are a good match ... except for you
So there you have it. This chick is the bomb. Sassy, sexy, quick-witted and classy - Adrianna Giuliani is a Woman To Love.


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