Friday, March 12, 2010

Girls Rock Camp Austin

I remember growing up, my mother always wanted to make sure I was involved in as many activities to keep me off the streets and dangers of what was out there. The times have change but trying to keep young women off the streets and into different organizations hasn't. One group that's dedicated to young women growing up with such a great background in the arts, specifically music. Girls Rock Camp Austin, located in Texas is devoted to empowering women and girls in musical education and performance.

Some of the workshops that they have for the girls are team building, women who rock, how to get started in the music business, and exploring gender/ identities, just to name a few. It first started in February 2007 with seven women, and now those seven women have given themselves to over a few hundred thousand women and girls.

I wish I had something like this growing up, I would definitely learned hot to play the guitar, piano, done some dj'ing as well as a few other things.

To get more information, go to their website,

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