Friday, February 26, 2010

She's a LLady: Courtney Escanio

When did you first get involved with Ladies Lotto?
Actually a friend of mine, Linda Lovemade, introduced me. She and I had a few conversations about the various hustles we had going. From that she recommend that I join. I was hesitant at first, because there is no official SF chapter. I ended up approaching Natalie to help sponsor some iDR ( events and we worked it out. I was kinda unofficially in. I guess 'cause at that time I hadn't applied for membership. It was out of order but thats what happens when the hustle doesn't stop.

Courtney loves Basquiat

You got a degree in Graphic Design and got to work for Apple! How did you get that opportunity and how awesome was that experience?
I got the contact through a friend of mine in college who interned there. I'd never met him before that, but he really helped out. He helped a hungry student get her first gig and her first taste of the corporate life. It was a pretty awesome experience. They don't know it, but my packaging team had tremendous influence on me. From working with teams, how I work (process), vendors, designing concepts into different mediums, to fun stuff like photo shoots; all of it was intense and immense. I had a mentor and I look back at the patience he had to guide me, I can't thank him enough. Besides the great talent everywhere, everyone was really forward-thinking. To be surrounded by that was awesome, as well.

What area of graphic design do you specialize in, and what kinds of projects do you enjoy most? What inspires you?
Well traditionally, I'm in print graphics but nowadays I'm in fashion. I didn't really expect myself to be in this position but I roll with it. The projects I enjoy the most probably are the ones that involves a lot of strategy, planning, and conception. I mean, its not just about slapping graphics into things. It's creating an experience for the future user or consumer. I want that experience to be one to remember.

The legendary Gloria Steinem inspires Courtney

What inspires you?
Honestly, the good people around me. From the creative and talented people, to the people I love. Also visiting retail stores, visiting design studios, and vacationing. Sounds odd huh? Well to me, I like to observe behaviors and cultures.

Ladylike x Adapt Hoodie

Currently, you're freelancing. Would you like to get back into working for an agency or do you enjoy doing your own thing?

I am freelancing at a large corporation, designing for Fatlace/Ladylike, and growing my little side gigs as well. I wouldn't mind getting back into working for an agency, but at the moment I'm enjoying the flexibility of freelancing.

To add to that, would you like to have your own graphic design company?
Sure! The sky is the limit right? ; )

You've also done work for Sephora, Clinique, and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. What projects/campaign are you most proud of?
Well for Clinique, it was this jar I did. I've done package designs but none that involves the container that holds the product so it involved a bit more industrial design. It was a learning curve. So anything that is challenging is the most rewarding projects for me. For Sephora, I worked on the Holiday campaign and this was before recession. It was all about glitter, glam, and luxury. We went over the top with specialty signage, finishing and graphics. I look into Sephora now and can see the economy effect the in-store experience.

Do you have any other interests or talents other than your career?
I love working out! I grew up in dance and cheer from the age of 7, so being active is important to me. People think just because I'm in design, I wear designer names. If you catch me during the week, I'm in my North Face fleece, yoga pants, and Nikes! I love Whole Foods and I love to eat out. I guess I'm pretty much your typical Cali girl. Talents? I can roll my "R"s, whaaaaat?!!

Lastly, what do you think this year will hold for you?
This year is all about positivity (for me at least). Think it. Say it. Be it. What unfolds this year will be growth personally and professionally. I'm designing for Ladylike and I know that's gonna rock because we have a bunch of great gals on the team, so be on the look out! And more Ladies Lotto gigs in SF...

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